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Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm an April's Fool.

Today is April's Fools Day.

It is a sad day.

Particularly for me.

I so cannot believe I fell for 2 April's Fools pranks!

I am angry.

So very angry.

My kaypoh-ness care and concern was betrayed.

I am traumatised.

I was fooled by amatuer pranksters.

I can't believe it.

Anyway, thanks for polling for your Yellow Yellow Stupid Fellow. But sad to say, nobody will be bestowed the title. Why? Because I'm lazy and two of them are tied at the current moment I'm typing this this is an April's Fools Day joke!

Hahaha! Not funny meh?

*laugh to myself*

Besides, it is mean to call people stupid.

I apologise to those people who voted, sorry for wasting your time (even though it only takes a few seconds).

Meanwhile, I'm leaving the poll there, so if you're ultra bo liao, go click on it and amuse yourself.

I'm still shocked from being pranked.

Watch out for me for I will be back next year!


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