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Sunday, March 19, 2006


I've decided to play M.I.A. for the past week by getting a quiet get-away to China. Now, look, ain't that quiet, huh?

Unfortunately, for those who love kAwaiix jUnn h0Nng, he's gone! *rejoice*

Unfortunately, for those who adore the pink layout, it's gone too!

And for those who couldn't understand the previous entry, it was meant to be a joke, unfortunately?

Unfortunately, I love to joke.

This annoyance is stopping, unfortunately.

Oh, and unfortunately, I got into the same course as Yao Cheng.


Translated to English, 'CHINA: AH HONG RECOMMENDS!'


One interesting encounter was the praying at a particular temple at a paticular mountain.


I was led by a lady holding some offerings, she told me to follow her and as a gullible boy, I went. There were three temples, I recall. And you need to do the exact same ritual for all three.

Steps for some praying ritual:

1. Light up two pairs of big candles and stick it to some nails on some racks.

2. Go to the temple, pretend to pray to the idol (ask for blessings and stuff).

3. Some other stuffs.

I did this procedure for two times and when it came to the third, just as I was done with lighting the first pair of candles, that lady said I had to pay a total of don't-know-how-much-RMB.

I gasped. I told her I didn't want to light up the second pair. And she told me to go in to the third temple and pray all the same.

I did, and when I stepped out of the holy ground, the cunning lady collected from me- RMB 160, equivalent to around SG$ 32.

Wondered what I prayed for? I asked for lots of money- at all the three temples. Hah!

Lucky me, I found RMB 1.5 in a cave which I went afterthat.

Those candles must have worked, I thought.

For your visual information, those candles looked like:

Note: Kettle for supporting candles, mandarin oranges for height reference?

Guess what happened to my RMB 1.5?

I saw a wishing pond in a cave with a bowl in it. I threw them into the pond hoping to land in the bowl. And again, wishing for more money. I missed and for the rest of the trip, I couldn't even find RMB 0.1.

Moral of the story? Erm... Figure yourself.

Let us now look at some pictures I've taken.

This is a cat, it is fat.

This is an eel, like EEW...

This is a chicken, it clarks non-stop like Charles Dickens.

Alright, I know I'm being lame here.

I'm pretty much done.

Here's my L-A-M-E CHOP for you!


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