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Friday, March 31, 2006

Yellow Yellow Stupid Fellow!

Just so you know, my enitre building of flats is undergoing some major renovations. And today, as I was waiting for the elevator, something striking caught my eye, something YELLOW...

Stupid Yellow Sign!

This sign was hanging on the pillar beside my lifts. What the hell? The construction guys must have a good sense of humor.

So I was thinking, 'Stupid? Yellow?'

The first thing that came to my mind was Spongebob Squarepants!

Let us welcome our contestant number 1!

Yay! Stupid!
This is Spongebob, main character of the popular animated series, Spongebob Squarepants! His stupidity has captured hearts of many fans all over the world.

Spongebob has this sickening laughter that tends to amuse the young and old, alike.

From plushies to underwears in pasar malams, Spongebob merchandises are selling like hotcakes!

This is one spongy force you don't want to reckon with!

Let us now take a look at contestant number 2!

Bananas in PJs!

This is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S in Pyjamas. This infamous duo started taking over the television screens by storm way back in 1992.

Like Spongebob Squarepants, the Bananas in Pyjamas have all sorts of merchandises featuring them. They may be abit outdated but people still worship them.

Invasion of Bananas in PJs!


Whoa! That is one huge fanbase! Don't mess with them, people. They might just hop onto you, one after another, and keep piling up on you until you SPLIT!

Wow! All this stupid yellow-ness is certainly freaking me out!

But before we go, allow me to introduce you our final contestant! Contestant number 3!

Vote me!

People who knows her knows she is stupid and is obsessed with yellow. Nuff' said.

YUI: qing ta jia zhi chi wo! tou wo yi piao. vote for YUI!

Very poor romanization of the chinese characters (han yu pin yin), I must say.

It is time to decide. Who will be your YELLOW YELLOW STUPID FELLOW? The results lie 100% in your hands. It is time to poll! Closing date for poll will be on the 1st of April (TOMORROW! *GASP*). Hurry, vote now!

Note: Each poll is free-of-charge.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Go figure

What kind of brother is as good as not having?

A useless one.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Kung Fu fighting- up for it?

All thanks to a recent post on, everyone is in this craze. I am no exception.

At My Heritage, it is possible to find out which celebrity you look like based on the photo you upload. Sounds cool, yeah?

So I started looking for pictures of myself in the files and I found my first photo which I then uploaded to My Heritage.

The process of waiting for it to load was simply exhilarating. I was still panting when the results were shown.

'Wah! Stephen Chow leh... not bad seh...' I thought.

This is so great! Never in my life have I thought I would look like a celebrity. The system may be lying, but I liked it nonetheless.

Let me try a second picture. And similarly during the wait for it to load, excitement overwhelmed me.

'Wah again sia! Good, good.' I was loving it more and more.

To reaffirm myself that this is not a coincidence, I decided to try a third picture. My, this is so addictive!

I got this female typical guys would call 'chio bu'. I was devastated. What happened to Stephen Chow?!

Challenging the odds with my never-say-die attitude, this is my forth result:


I submitted 9 photos altogether and guess what? 6 out of 9 results stated that I resemble Stephen Chow! Woohoo!

I could show the remaining 5 to you as proof, but i think it is better not to disturb everyone's peace with my rather disturbing face.

I'm still ecstatic about my results. Wah! Stephen Chow! Me? Ok, Kung-Fu Hustle 2, anyone? I know wushu ok?

After the 9 photos, I still couldn't help fooling around. So...

What? At least I don't resemble Princess Sayako like this fella here.

Oh my, they look like sisters separated at birth.

They should seriously consider me when they are gathering the cast for Kung Fu Hustle 2. I mean, I'm a Stephen Chow look-alike afterall, right?

Coming to a cinema near you:

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Late into the night...

I've always believed that there are 12 main reasons why being a female sucks.

Number 1, they have this monthly discharging of erm... stuff (not shit, if you discharge shit monthly, you must be seriously constipated.) It's called menses. Yeah, as if nobody knows what I'm typing about.

And the next 10 reasons are all associated with menses (temper as thin as a piece of tissue paper, the red stained fabric, etc.) I'm quite sure girls themselves can give a hundred reasons for that.

The last reason is, THEY DO CHORES!!!

I'm not saying that all girls do chores, but it is always thought that girls will EVENTUALLY do housework. Forget about those buisness minded girls or those rich girly girls.

I'm currently facing the 12th reason crisis. I'm doing housework. To be more precise I do the laundry.

My brother and I will be home alone for 2 weeks, no parents! Yay! And lucky me, I get to do the laundry because my brother doesn't know how to do them. *shrugs*

Washing the clothes is a tedious process. Can you believe I need more than 2 hours to complete them? I won't even go into the details. It's hectic, spell it.

I may sound like a loser or even spoilt, but the fact is, I'm a spoilt loser. I sometimes do the laundry all the way to the a.m.s. *whine like a going-to-be-slaughtered pig*

I suddenly feel as if I know Cinderella more. Oh when oh when will my handsome prince come? Take me far away from this treacherous place.

Get real, Cinderella. You'll still be doing housework when you marry.

To all: Don't even suggest a party at my place. I DON"T WANT TO CLEAN UP! Or maybe I should just hire someone to do the cleaning. Oh, I'm behaving like a spoilt loser again.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I've decided to play M.I.A. for the past week by getting a quiet get-away to China. Now, look, ain't that quiet, huh?

Unfortunately, for those who love kAwaiix jUnn h0Nng, he's gone! *rejoice*

Unfortunately, for those who adore the pink layout, it's gone too!

And for those who couldn't understand the previous entry, it was meant to be a joke, unfortunately?

Unfortunately, I love to joke.

This annoyance is stopping, unfortunately.

Oh, and unfortunately, I got into the same course as Yao Cheng.


Translated to English, 'CHINA: AH HONG RECOMMENDS!'


One interesting encounter was the praying at a particular temple at a paticular mountain.


I was led by a lady holding some offerings, she told me to follow her and as a gullible boy, I went. There were three temples, I recall. And you need to do the exact same ritual for all three.

Steps for some praying ritual:

1. Light up two pairs of big candles and stick it to some nails on some racks.

2. Go to the temple, pretend to pray to the idol (ask for blessings and stuff).

3. Some other stuffs.

I did this procedure for two times and when it came to the third, just as I was done with lighting the first pair of candles, that lady said I had to pay a total of don't-know-how-much-RMB.

I gasped. I told her I didn't want to light up the second pair. And she told me to go in to the third temple and pray all the same.

I did, and when I stepped out of the holy ground, the cunning lady collected from me- RMB 160, equivalent to around SG$ 32.

Wondered what I prayed for? I asked for lots of money- at all the three temples. Hah!

Lucky me, I found RMB 1.5 in a cave which I went afterthat.

Those candles must have worked, I thought.

For your visual information, those candles looked like:

Note: Kettle for supporting candles, mandarin oranges for height reference?

Guess what happened to my RMB 1.5?

I saw a wishing pond in a cave with a bowl in it. I threw them into the pond hoping to land in the bowl. And again, wishing for more money. I missed and for the rest of the trip, I couldn't even find RMB 0.1.

Moral of the story? Erm... Figure yourself.

Let us now look at some pictures I've taken.

This is a cat, it is fat.

This is an eel, like EEW...

This is a chicken, it clarks non-stop like Charles Dickens.

Alright, I know I'm being lame here.

I'm pretty much done.

Here's my L-A-M-E CHOP for you!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

kAwaiix jUnn h0Nng'Ss n0.1 p0sT!

Yeesh! Shh0ox hAppieeX w0rrx!! miieE sh0x l0nng dennch bl0gg. YeeSh, mieE issh n00w a tWit.

m0iix luRbbE beinng a tWiit w0rrX!! MiieE duUnch n00es whYiex sh0Ox mAnii ppL dunNch lykke ush nehx..

MiieX tiinK de waee ush tyipEx iisH beRii cUtte de mahx.. Dunch euu tiiNk sH0o? Shh0ox kAwaiix neHx...!

hmMx, mUaybes iits cuZz deY jEalloux orb uushx baHx.. cuS wE r sHox kAwaiiX.. Moii dunnch rEallie noees, bUtt MiieE duunch cArez w0rrx..

lett m0ii sHo0w euu miiEx cUtte cUtte pic...


kAwaiiX mahhx? dEy sAee tatx iif wAnn takkE nicesh ph0Tox horrx, mussh de heAddx g0 l0w l0w de w0rrX..

bUtt de m0rre miiEz l00K att tishh, de m0rre ii tinnk ishh norrt berri nicesh.. muAybbes tiish iish deirr 'kAwaiiX'?

Haiiz.. miiEx duunch carre worrX, anywAee moiix iisH jUz a dumbb tWiit..

Monday, March 06, 2006

I feel a great disturbance in the Force...

Hello all.

I apologise for not blogging for a period of time. I've been fending off a great evil which has been lurking within me since who-knows-when. This terrible menace strikes subconsciously, I never had the chance to take any precautions.

I'm currently suffering from an immense battle over the control of my mind. Everytime my other self gained control, my sane and calm self will always manage to fight back and I will regain control within minutes.

Unfortunately, as time passed by, my condition worsens. It has now become a constant struggle for me to perform my daily activities. Even as I'm typing this right now, the evil in me wouldn't give up. I just hope I have enough time to publish this entry. Yeah, it's that bad.

ARGH! The pain...

This is a losing battle. I've held on for as long as I can. This war is draining much of me. I'm tired, just too tired... It's time to give in to this nightmare and end this suffering, once and for all.

This is euthanasia.

Goodbye all.