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Monday, February 20, 2006

How will you be defined in the dictionary?

Ever wondered how your name will be defined in a psychotic dictionary?

I have.


Colin Toh --


Fuzzy to the touch

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Now let us make a sentence with 'Colin Toh'.

(In case you do not know what 'fuzzy' means, I did a check in and it says 'covered with fine light hairs'.)

So, a sentence with 'Colin Toh' would be.. Hmms... *thinks*

*light bulb lights up!*

Mr. Chew's head is no longer Colin Toh, I can already feel his scalp!

Hahaha! What a crude joke!

This is fun! Let's try it with 'Jun Hong'.

*types types*

*hits 'Enter'*






Jun Hong --


A level headed person who always makes the wrong decision

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

I don't really like this.

The name of my blog is Ask Jun Hong, so according to this definition, Ask Jun Hong means 'ask someone who always makes the wrong decision'.

Lol, I think someone out there is trying to be funny with me.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Theory No. 2

A man who blogs after a long period of time has alot of craps to write.

And no, Ern, your Theory No. 2 is so not right.


We interupt this entry to bring you a series of rather disturbing contents.

Have you seen this woman?

Name: Kuang

Gender: Female

Age: Quite old

Committed Offence: Breach of trust

Kuang promised to treat her beloved Food & Nutrition students to a meal if they have done well for their F&N 'O' Levels exam. Well they did, as a matter of fact, better than national average.

However, as the proposed date for the meal, 18th February 2006 came nearer, Kuang decided to play a funny prank called 'M.I.A.'

She ignored SMSes sent to her and never gave any sort of reply to any of the F&N students.

Said one of the victims, "I feel so cheated! She has been toying with our feelings all these while! Sob sob..."

Last Seen: In Unity Secondary School's F&N laboratory, punishing a group of naughty students.

If you see this woman, please kindly remind her that she still owes her F&N students a meal. You can tell her to stop playing M.I.A too.

Note to Kuang: With more and more people reading this blog with each passing day, there is simply no way you can escape. Justice will find you.

Have you seen this film?

Introducing, The Letter- Raw Cut, a short film based on a true life story about a boy struggling with his forbidden love.

Click HERE to view.

"A touching tragedy."- Jun Hong

"The acting is professional and the directing is close to excellent!."- Jun Hong

"Great songs that fit perfectly into the story."- Jun Hong

"Two thumbs up!"- Jun Hong

If this film wasn't based on a real life account in Singapore, I might just pass it off as a joke. But this or somewhat this actually took place.

Hard to imagine Jun Hong is actually moved by this film, huh? I can almost hear ikan biliz mocking me, shouting, "GAY BOY!"

Have you seen this thingy?

It has been reported that 21 out of 22 victims of eye infection used ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution by Bausch & Lomb. *gasp!*

The product is now being taken off the shelves and I advise the general public to avoid using this for the time being. (Though my my lens case is actually filled with this right now.)

I only got to know this when my store I/C informed us to remove it from display yesterday (18th Feb) during the closing of the shop.

Poor Sihua, she just spent $200 or so on them last week. You can't blame her, they were on promotion. :)


To my dear friends who had not done ideally for the 'O' Level Examinations, fret not, we're still young. Try not to brood over it and let them pass.

Oops, if you have already forgotten about them, and I have subconsciously brought them back, I apologise. To end things on a lighter note, look at this:


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Theory No. 1

A busy man is one who does not update his blog for a long time.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


No, I did not get myself an iGallop and I'm certainly not sitting on one, pretending to be a cowboy.

It was close to a hundred,
He had to act fast,
Time was running out,
He couldn't let it pass.

It was a hundred and over,
He couldn't see him.
It was over he thought,
Or so maybe?

Just when he thought all was lost,
A flicker in the screen,
There he saw...


Woohoo! *swaying around vigorously, pretending my chair is an iGallop*

That action was most retarded.

I sent an e-mail to One Thousand Bloggers for a blog spot with the subject,

'give me a spot, pretty please? thx!!'

When I didn't get into the first hundred blog spots, I thought they must have freaked out over the 'pretty please?' part.

Now that I miraculously got in, I think they love it.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Really Short Entry.

There was supposedly an interesting entry today regarding on how to lose your calories gained during the festive season through diet and exercise. But my model did not want to co-operate, oh well...

Oh, and I just e-mailed for a spot at . I hope I get a spot. Though I have not much of an idea what this is about, but heck, fame and glory, here I come!

Really short entry, yeah?