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Sunday, January 22, 2006

She tells you size doesn't matter, she's lying...

Oh no, no, no. I'm not going to blog about penis sizes here. The above is a promotional slogan for some burger at Carl's Jr.

The outlet I went to with Hengster yesterday was located at Suntec City. For those who do not know what Carl's Jr. is (I didn't know until yesterday), I'm going to so briefly exlain it to you, that you'd get the idea in less than ten words. Carl's Jr. is...

A fast food restaurant which does lots of burgers.

To find out what's so interesting about a fast food restaurant which does lots of burgers, read on.

After ordering at the counter, Hengster was given a number sign thing which then he brought back to the seat. There was a message at the bottom of the the sign thing which read "PLEASE PLACE AT EDGE OF TABLE". I did what I read and...

I noticed that it was trying to be funny with me. I couldn't place it at the edge of the table because it kept falling over. It must have meant "Please place near the edge of the table." Ahh... now it all makes sense.

It took all of our appetite to finish the humongous burgers. It didn't taste bad, nontheless.

After our hefty meal, I was appalled to see the mess we made.

What did we do to create this?! Never in my life have I created such a mess in fast food restaurants!

It then all came to light as I saw Carl's Jr.'s slogan.

Messy indeed! (For those who can't make out that blurry fonts, it said "It's gonna get messy.")


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