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Sunday, January 15, 2006

My OH My...

Greetings, fans of Ask Jun Hong! It's time again to read my entertaining entry of the day!

Firstly, I have received many comments which doubted the credibility of my previous post. They were pretty sure that I worte myself e-mails just to create controversy. I would like to clarify here that I, Jun Hong, did not write any e-mails and sent them to myself. Now think about it, why in my almost-sane mind would I do that?

Yet, in my not-so-sane part of the mind, those 'e-mails' were created by me. Surprised huh? Are you shocked? I'm sure right now, many of you are thinking "I knew it was you all along, you don't fool me."

Okok, you readers are smart. But then again, why did I deny writing those e-mails and sending it to myself? Because I didn't. For those who are a bit slow, I will expalain it to you.

I wrote those 'e-mails' in my draft entry for the blog, and hence, I certainly did not send anything to myself. For those who still don't get it, don't worry, I'm sure you would figure it out eventually.

Now that the issue has been settled, Let's move on to the main topic of the day, shall we? Ironically, after creating two fake 'e-mails' yesterday, I recieved two real ones today. When I opened my e-mail inbox. I was glad to see real people actually sending me e-mails. "Whoopee!" I thought.
NOTE: These e-mails are GENUINE. Spell G-E-N-U-I-N-E.

My grin turned to a state of uncertainty, just like how =) turned to a = l , when I read the first e-mail.

The first e-mail is written by Yuan. It states:

Rejection is hard to take, but essential for progression. Agree or disagree? And why?

*thinks "what kind of problem is that?!*

Jun Hong's reply:

Perhaps I should start by defining the question for those again, a bit slow ones. The statement simply implies that for one to move on, rejection is necessary.

I do not agree to the statement. Just like how a 6 can be equated from 3+3, it can also be equated from 1+5. If I'm not making any sense to you, I'm sorry to tell you this, but you're dense. Ok, explanation time again!

6 = progression, 3 = rejection, 1 and 5 = some other factors. So, as proven by my new formula, rejection is NOT essential for progression. However, rejection can be the main cause of progression, (Note 3+3=6) and also one of the reasons for progression. (Note 3+1+2=6) I'm just trying to show that the 3 is not really necessary in the equation to get a 6.

So what are these other factors I'm talking about? Well, 1 can be motivation and 5 can be... an innate thing?

There you have it! And Yuan, this is definitely more than a 100 words. I hope you're satisfied.

Now moving on to the second e-mail. Oh, and before we proceed I would like to warn anyone who has a weak heart to stop here. I mean it.


Ok, now that the weak-hearted are gone, get ready of a hair-raising experience! (Literally!)When I read this email, my = l turned to a =S . Yea, it's that bad.

To the dear dear cute cute junhong aka hong hong aka xiao hong hong:

Hie! Mi ish a 14 year old gal, been linked to you blog from some other gal blog got the name got what shit one wor, think you blog content very de cute, then oh mi god, to mi horror, I read you more and more and I every now and then think of you wor. eat, sleep, bath, read, study. SOB SOB. I keep trying to picture you and wonder how euu look like wor, euu noe ocean ou de yang the cartoon boi boi? I think you like him wor, so kawaii nehx!!! o(^_^)o Dear ke ai de junhong, I think I like you nehx. I eat also never concentrate wor, and keep thinking of you (like the ocean de cartoon boi) wor, yesterday got homework need to write about an unforgetable person and I write euu wor, I describe you like ocean de cartoon...I am a very sickening gal actually (hehe,me fwens say one wor) and now I dunno what happen , I keep thinking of you and what you write, then keep laugh to meself alone. What should I do my beloved hong hong? SOB SOB stress,will you reject me or aviod me? SAD SAD WOR. Do euu hab msn or fwenster? Me really wish to see you sexy pic wor. heehee. nottie de me. hee, waiting for euu to post in u web and reply me a love letter reply wor. Kiss you lots lots wor.

From Ai si jun hong de gal gal. heehee!


Jun Hong's reply:

I think you have been linked here from hiddenshit. That's ikan biliz's blog. I thank you for liking the content on my blog. The disappointing thing is that lots of people too, have read my blog and laughed to themselves, i think? So sad to say, your 'love' is merely an infatuation. And what i mean by infatuation is a foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction. This is to say it's temporary. I am however concerned about your assignment. Please take your homework seriously and study hard. One thing I beg to differ is, I do not look like Ocean Ou's cartoon!

Ocean Ou's cartoon:

I have a nose, you know?

A would-be Jun Hong's cartoon:

Ok, I know I'm being lame here, but my point is, I HAVE A NOSE!

Anyway, that was what I replied that girl. I could've told her that I was gay and she would still go for a sex change. That is why I have blocked her IP address so she can no longer access this blog. One crazy fan down, anymore to go? And ikan biliz, why do you have mad people reading your blog?!

I will also strike-out what I said in the previous post. The one about keeping those distress e-mail messages coming in. Geez, what was I thinking?


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