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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jun Hong's first post!

Hey all! To start this blog rolling, I present you... *drums roll please*
What? You don't hear the druming? Ahaha ok, I was trying to be lame...

Anyway I present you the FIRST POST!
The First Post- An essential for every blogger. Use only once, a repeated usage will not be deemed as the First Post.

Ok, so I gotta start pulling people in to read my blog. I need publicity! Perhaps I should start some sort of scandal, they always get the ratings... :)
I think I should just start with some introduction. (Formalities are important.)

Welcome to Ask Jun Hong! It serves not only as my blog but also as an advice column; where you troubled and problematic people come to me for advices. It's just like your Dear Kelly... except that I'm not Kelly.
Ask Jun Hong will not be held liable for any comments, replies, or advice given.

So what can you expect from my blog? Well, first off, I declare that I will be blogging more on my thoughts than my life. Why? Simple, my thoughts are much more exciting than my life. And trust me, my mind is an interesting place to be in. For those who insist on me blogging about my life, here's a short paragraph dedicated to you:

I opened my eyes and turned my whole body to the right to try catch a glimpse of the clock. It's around 8.20am. It was still early so I decided to return to sleep. I closed my eyes and turned my whole body left. I waited. I wasn't asleep yet. I turned and tossed to the right again, trying out comfortable sleeping poses. Still no luck. I felt an itch up my right side of the neck so I turned to the left again and scratched the itch. Feels better... I then thought it was more convinient for me to check out the time if my body was facing right, so when I opened my eyes, I could see the time immediately. And so, with that decision I turned my whole body facing right.

If you're getting annoyed by the tossing and turning of me in bed, try writing it! And so, I have proven to you that my life is actually boring. Unless if there's something actually worth mentioning, you will not hear much about my lifeless life here.

Having said more or less what I wanted to say, I will end this with a small jingle.

Tell me all your problems,
I wanna hear your rants,
When your life is upside down,
You know Colin''s your friend.

You can write me an email,
Or you can leave a tag,
Colin has all the answers,
Replies to this and that.



  • I must say you're very witty and smart. Kero kinda opposite from you. But can tell that you two are kind hearted persons. Indeed you're under a lot of stress. But cheer up and jiayou k? :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:48 PM  

  • Can I hv your email address? You're a brave one, admire your courage! True to yourself and everyone ard you : )

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:26 PM  

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